Epilogue and thank you.

Roadside Shrine - Corfu

A little place to say thank you to those that are helping with support, photgraphs, etc.
Thank you to :-

All those who have taken the time to send photo's and information.

George and Co. Panorama, Peroulades - great photographs, help and friendship. Corfu 1995 -
Gjermund, Aud & Sven Arn - Norway - friends, superb photographs and support. 1998 -
Demon.co.uk - for unofficial web help. Thanks lads. England 1996 -
Sheree for photographs and useful advice. We're mates. Corfu 1999
Aspasia - from UK (ex Greece) for her perfect Greek words. England 1999
Trevor, Chriss, family and friends (met Corfu). Their bed and a great weekend. Corfu 1999 -
Cowboy & girl (Pam and Jon) For brightening up a holiday without knowing it. Corfu 1999
Stewart for the photographs of the cliffs at Longas Beach. Corfu 1999
Babis for a new outlook on Greece. Corfu 2000.
Bernadett, from Hungary, for so much enthusiasm for this web site Corfu 2000 -
Noula - San Stefano Travel, always working, always a friend. 2000 -
Andrew - For the photo's of St Stefanos West and information 2001
Articles - Hilary Whitton Paipeti - Editor, The Corfiot Magazine. 2001 -
Liz Robinson - For Ipsos. England April 2001-
Janet, John & Jill - Northern Island for 'that' email 2001
Sally. Friendship and all the work she is doing for this site - THANKYOU 2002-
Caroline. For support when very much needed 2002.
Verena. Spreading the word to Germany 2002 -
David from Ireland for the sailing saga 2003 -

Panorama Corfu


It is 11 years and 18 visits ago that we started going to Greece. We had three holidays in Skiathos and Crete before 9 years in Corfu. The first few years were around Sidari. Then came a move to Melitsa and finally to Peroulades. We often visit the other local villages like San Stefanos, San George, Arillas and Roda. They each have their own character but they are all there primarily for tourism. Without tourism Corfu would be back where it was a hundred years ago. Not necessarily a bad thing in some ways. Some tourists - Oh dear!

We have our own small group of friends that we always try and see every time we are there. Apart from Vasillis and Agneta, whom we are so close to that Agneta feels quite at home walking into our bedroom while I am sitting on the bed naked (not a pretty sight), there is Leftoria and Nickos. I think these two are the most gentle people I have ever met. Leftoria just makes you feel she needs a cuddle and Nickos just has a smile that makes you feel all is well with the world. He also plays the Spanish guitar very well.

Then there is Spiros and his brother Aristotle. Everywhere we go Spiros turns up on his moped or we find Aristotlel sitting in the Coffee Shop. They are both unique characters. Yianni and Anastasia from the Coffee Shop. Nafsika, Dimitri, George and Spiros from Panorama, Noula from San Stefanos, they all are, and others, the reason we keep going back.

We don't lie in the sun or worry too much about the weather, we went twice last year (03) and it rained the whole time. We just quietly sit and talk to old friends, drink too much and eat too much. They say we are not tourists anymore. I do know one thing, we know more about what is going on in Peroulades than we do our own village in England. Forty days after a funeral there is another church service. We have been to one in Peroulades. It was a lady we had known and respected. She taught us the right way to say hello and goodbye, a kiss on each cheek. I think the locals then began to realise that we wanted to be part of the village. We are accepted now and there is a little smile with the 'yassas'.

Prices on Corfu have gone through the roof. Changing to the Euro has been used to hike prices in the resorts. Taxis are one of the best examples. The fares have doubled for some journeys. Use the busses (coaches) if you can, they really are much better than ours, air conditioned and very modern.
Once you get away from the tourist traps you will find far better prices. I think I should add 'Shop where the Greeks shop' to 'Eat where the Greeks eat and swim where the Greeks swim'. There are one or two very useful larger supermarkets at the far end of Sidari on the road to Corfu Town near a large crossroads. Well worth stocking up there if you are self catering.

Most of our Greek friends do not really understand this 'Internet thing'. Many Greeks have paid a lot of hard earned money to have web sites that are impossible to find, boring and the content is just awful. The number of web sites, etc. about Corfu that have poached photo's and text from this one is out of order. If I read 'It is ideally suited for young children, teenagers and those that remember the Beatles.' just once more I am going to throw up.

Greece has been shooting itself in the foot where UK tourism is concerned. Plane spotters, soggy apartments,etc. have allmade many tourists go elsewhere. Raising prices to the present level means I am afraid some lean years ahead. This is the opinion several Greeks I know have and I must agree. Anyone thinking of moving to Corfu should perhaps take this very much into account. The cost of living must be almost the same as ours now and in some cases like meat worse. The pound being so low really has aggrevated the tourist situation.

' In Ipsos this summer they say business is down 30% on last summer so they hike prices up by 30% and more to compensate for the loss. That's the philosophy of some Greeks.' That is an extract from A Sailors Story - New Part II which you may find useful.

Towards the end of the season in Sidari some bars started to cut their prices. Sidari centre was very quiet in July 2003 and September was not much better. There have been price wars in the past and I have a feeling that they could happen again very soon. Good news for us visitors, but if it goes too far it will not help the little family tavernas.

The greetings we get from our friends in Peroulades each time we go there is so genuine and warm that I can honestly say Greece is our second home. These friendships started long before I knew anything about web sites, not that I pretend to now.

I think we English are a little insular, that is the problem of living on an island. It is so nice to get email from so many countries, what better place for us all to get to know each other than Corfu on a warm summers night. Would my wife and I go anywhere else?


I would like to say thank you for all the kind emails I have recieved. I never expected such a response. I try to reply within 48 hours unless I am in Corfu in which case I look at my emails whenever possible.
If you do not receive a reply there could be two reasons. 1) Your email address is defunct, this happens so often you would not believe it. 2) Me having problems. Please try and contact me again.

I hope this site has been informative. It is not meant to be too critical of the Greek life style which I think in many ways is far more civilised than ours. It should be they have been around far longer than us. I have tried to make it a little amusing - but true. To me other Mediterranean countries are second best not because of the climate but....... something is missing.

Last but not least - this web site would be impossible without the patience and understanding of a wonderful lady - my wife Maurn.

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