History, Beaches and the Corfu Trail

Courtesy of The Corfiot - Corfu's English-language monthly magazine.

Coastal Path Corfu

Hilary the editor has kindly supplied the following :-

The History of Corfu

The Beaches of Corfu

The Corfu Trail

I purchased Hilary's 'The Second Book of Corfu Walks - The Road to Old Corfu'
long before we met. The effort put into writing this series is astonishing.
For anybody wishing to see the real Corfu on foot THEY ARE A MUST.

Corfu Walks 117 Kb - sorry but any less and I could not read it.

The Corfu Trail is Corfu's long-distance footpath, a waymarked walking route
which follows paths, tracks and minor roads on its course of some 200
kilometres from the island's southernmost tip to its most northern point.

The Companion Guide to the Corfu Trail, written by the Trail's originator
Hilary Whitton Paipeti, is designed to assist the walker on this 10-day
hike through Corfu's enchanting countryside.

With original maps and detailed route notes, as well as information which
enables the walker to plan a schedule, the Guide is a vital accessory to any
trip along the Trail.

A proportion of profits from the sale of this book goes towards Trail
maintenance and improvements.

People can order direct from me by post.
Cheques for 5.99 made out to Hilary Paipeti.
P.O. Box 445,
Corfu Greece 49100.

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