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Canal De Amour - Corfu

From :- Janet John & Jill - Northern Ireland
Well hello there! We're home!

So we did it! We made the landing (and at the end the take-off.) The whole plane erupted in cheers when the plane touched down. Now that in itself was an experience. Getting off the plane was another! Like who left the oven doors open over there. Na, joking aside, it was super! We were fortunate that we were taken to our apartments in a mini bus with one other family. They were in the apartments below us and we got friendly as the fortnight went on. We stayed in the Fanis apartments which were between Ipsos & Dassia. we were lulled to sleep at night by the distant sounds of Club Med partying, and wakened each morning by either a rooster a turkey or a dog. It was literally a 'hoot'.

We took Gregory's Boat trip up the east of the island and had the bbq on the beach, shopping at Kasioppi and then the diving off the boat into the caves at the 'Canal de Amour' WOW! is all I can say it was the stuff of holiday programmes, eat your heart out Judith Chalmers!!! My 9yr old daughter did the cave bit too. It will give her something to remember for the rest of her life.

We hired a small people carrier to carry the 7 of us around the island. And can say we saw most of it, with the exception of Kavos!!! We took the children (well that was the excuse!) to Aqualand twice, the first time in the van, second by taxi. The taxi journey was worth it's weight in gold. As he and my husband John discussed passengers and their loathing of them the whole way there. The driver even taught John some bad words while he was at it. tut tut! Filakkas- silly, was the best of them! We drove up to the top of Pantokrator, I even donned the skirt! but fortunately avoided the scarf, as I had a hat on! We stopped at lots and lots of beaches all the way round the island, the kids just loved the north and west beaches as the waves were amazing!

On our way home from Aqualand the first time we stopped off for a preview of Paleokastritsa as we were planning to go there next day. Wow were we fortunate, I called into one of the shops there only to be attacked, lovingly, by a lovely Greek man with a Yasso! I had to reply in Greek and then he TOLD me to come back tomorrow night at 8.30pm So I told him we were indeed planning to come tomorrow, he said NO tomorrow night!!! As they were having their annual cultural event. So we did, and to let him know that I had obeyed his order I returned to show him, he looked at his watch and said, 'I say 8.30pm NOT 8.10pm' He was lovely really. We then had the most fantastic evening with traditional dancing, singing, a re-enactment of Odysseus and Poseidon all in the cove on boats with flares and fantastic music followed by the most spectacular firework show I've ever seen. Then after the fiesta started. We saw the sheep being roasted on the spit and chopped up with a meat cleaver, John even took a piece and let me taste it, and we saw the 'heads' you spoke of, No we didn't taste that! It was amazing to see all that you had written about. We had Stifado, Sofrito, Mousakka, Greek salads with feta cheese, Greek Yoghurt & honey, Ouzo, local wines and lots more. Well when in Greece we did the greek thing! I hope you're proud of us!!

We loved the Greek people, food, countryside, architecture and sun. The one and only thing I wasn't happy about was the pornographic stuff for sale right beside the counters where our children were not able to avoid it. Unfortunately the children had seen this before we had time to protect them from it. And I'm not talking about the Greek statues with huge willies etc, this we could laugh off, but videos that left nothing to the imagination in full view!!

We met the most Irish/Greek guy ever in 'The Red Penguin' between Ipsos and Dassia. 'Spiros' was a real hoot. He had a wicked and very Irish sense of humour. And next door in Degas travel was a very helpful family who let me use the internet to say hi to family at home! All in all we had a fantastic two weeks. D.V. Next year we will try either Italy (which would really madden our taxi driver Stavros) or Crete. Although our 18yr old would like to go back to Rhodes and take us with her. So who knows, but we do hope to return again soon to Corfu in the not too distant future.

Thanks again for all the help you offered us. I have to tell you that not one of us either saw or was bitten by a single mozzi, neither did any of us have any tummy upsets, even thought we did everything but actually drink the tap water.

So Corfu look out we'll be back.
Thanks again love - Janet John & Jill

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