Moving to Corfu to live.

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I have been asked to include the properties and land below. Please do not contact me as this website is not commercial.

A house in Peroulades of about 80 square m. Furnished with phone and elec. An outhouse with planning permission that could be converted into living accomodation of the same size, Garage and about 1000 square m of land. Ready to move into. 150,000 Euro. (photo's soon) Phone Vasillis on 00302 6630 99359
For sale - House in Peroulades

Land of 1000 meters square in Melitsa at a cost of 35,000 Euro. Phone Vasillis on 00302 6630 99359
For sale - Land in Melitsa

Land in Peroulades with planning permission of about 4500 square m. Close to a famous Greek restaurant called Bicolis. Panoramic view. Phone Vasillis on 00302 6630 99359

A relatively new 2 story house in the middle of Peroulades in a very peaceful side street. The property comprises of 2 bedrooms, living room, bathroom and kitchen. A balcony completely surrounds the property. The inside is in very good decorative order and has central heating throughout. There is a small enclosed garden and an outhouse divided into two areas.
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There is also a plot of land on the outskirts of the village of about 1500 metres square. Very secluded, road access and it has a building licence.

Please contact Vasillis on 00302 6630 99359

A very large plot of land shown below is for sale near Peroulades village. It is approx. 40,000 Sq. metres. Cost 64,500 Euro.
For sale -1....... 2.......
00302 6630 99080 (Greece)

Nick Andreou Sellas

To build an average 3 bed roomed bungalow would cost from 40,000. To furnish it would cost a lot more than the UK. Anything imported is very expensive. Electrical goods can be double the cost of the UK.

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