Sidari Update for 2005

Tourism in Sidari has dropped a lot over the last few years. Changing to the Euro has not helped prices, the injustice over the plane spotters, the Sidari Village apartments on television and more, have all contributed to a downturn in visitors.

As you can see from the photo of Sidari in mid September it was almost empty compared to a few years ago. Some of the tavernas in the center had raised their prices to cover for fewer tourists, which of course creats fewer tourists. Good old Greek logic strikes again. Towards the end of the 2004 season many tavernas and shops began to realise that higher prices meant less tourists and lowered their prices quite a lot.

Watching that program on 'Holidays From Hell' was enough to put anyone of Greece for the rest of their lives. The only comment I can make is that the Sidari Village Apartments are not the village of Sidari. One could argue that they are not actually in Sidari. I also have to say with all honestly that they look an awful lot better now than they did on that program.

That program was grossly unfair to the village of Sidari.
That little Greek family taverna on the outskirts that we all eventually find just wonders what they have done wrong.
The others? No problem - they go back to Athens and their Mercedes for the winter.

I have to end on a high note or two. There was one item that despite the euro, the Olympics and all that fate could throw at it that did not change. The English Breakfast.

The best meal of 2004? Dorella's at the very far end of Melitsa. A tee-bone steak and home made chips (I watched Yanni peel the chips) and just about everything one can think off for a few euro. In 10 years and 20 visits to Corfu to find a good steak cooked and served so well was quite as surprise. Especially as we had never seen one on a menu anywhere before.
No doubt in 2005 every menu for miles will include tee bone steak. We'll stick to this little place.

Endpiece. The Greeks were told by their govenment on television that hosting the Olympics would not mean an increase in taxes. Taxes have gone up of course. I asked if this government man was a politician, the answer was "Yes". I asked did his lips move, the answer was "Yes". I then said "In England we would have known he was lying".
They liked that.

Will we be back in 2005 ?
Of course.
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