Trips and walking around Corfu.

Boat Trips
There are many good trips. The trip to Paliokastritsa is a nice day out. It's takes a couple of hours and there is plenty to see (and eat) when you get there. A trip to one of the islands like Ericousa where there is a lovely little Greek village also whiles away a few hours. They are all good value for money - but keep an eye on the weather. I would ask a local barman, they always seem to know when it's going to get windy. Please remember that the sea can occasionally get a little rough and the boats you will be on are small.

East Coast Cruise about 10
Quote from Steve
We went on the East Coast Cruise which started at Kassiopi and stops at several villages on the way, Kouloura, Kalami and St. Stefano. Each stop allows you to have a swim, have a drink / eat in a local taverna or do some sight seeing. There is also a stop at a small cove where most people swim in the sea and dive for "champagne" bottles thrown into the water by the crew. My son enjoyed this part the most. I would recommend this cruise as it allows interesting places to be visited, there is always something to see and there is swimming for those that need a bit of activity.

Kalypso Star
I have had a lot of emails about this 'glass bottomed boat'. It seems a very good trip. Must try it.

Coach Trips
The coach trip to Corfu town is best done in the evening and takes about an hour. During the day the heat does tend to give Corfu town a unique aroma. The English built the sewage system during there stay there in the 1800's and therefore we can only blame ourselves. In the cool of the evening it is no problem and is definitely a must. The town is big, big enough to take up several days of exploring but if it is warm in Sidari it will be sweltering in the town. It really is as you see it in the tourist brochures. At night when the lights come on it almost seems unreal. I would be careful if you decide to drive in Corfu town. The roads are very narrow, far better to park near the harbour as there is usually room.
There is an all island trip, which I have not done, but I have been told it is very good. It is a lot to see in one day and speaking to others who have been they have been - let us just say tired.

Walking around Sidari.

Walking can be a pretty tough going during the heat of the day. There are several nice walks that can be done starting late afternoon - about 5 or 6pm.
The first is to the Corfu end of Sidari. You can either walk along the beach or along the coast road over the foot bridge. From Sidari beach facing the sea walk right and keep on going. A gentle strole stopping at the odd taverna should take about an hour each way. For the fitness freaks about 20 minutes.

The second is to walk to the far end of the beach away from Corfu Town. Turn right into Melitsa and take one of the roads off to the right. This will take you up onto the cliffs that you see in the brochures. Over the last few years there has been a lot of tavernas, bars, pools and apartments built here. Pity.

Also please see - 'The Long Walk'. and 'Our Lady on Corfu'.

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