The Long Walk - Sidari To Peroulades

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What constitutes a long walk. For me anywhere I don't want to go. Doctors tell us a good brisk walk is good for the heart. The rest of me totaly disagrees. When it's 30C + in the shade what tourist in his right mind would want to walk about 2 miles, sorry 3.5 Km.

It's easy to lay on the beach and watch the world go by. Just maybe though someone will say 'Daaad why can't we do sumfin'. Big problem.

The Long Walk has been specifically designed to make you feel you have actually achieved something. I would advise leaving about 5pm. By then it will be cooling down. The idea is to to be in Peroulades by 7.15pm at the latest. Time enough on the way to sample a few beverages, even a snack.

Remember if you run short of time or energy a taxi can be called for to finish your journey at any taverna or bar. Do stop if you can at the crossroads and have a walk through Peroulades to Sunset Beach. It really is a very lovely old village.

I have a cunning map which hopefully is correct. If you meet any gentlemen wearing a fez and your feet feel damp then blame me. You can start anywhere you like along the route but of course make sure you are fully kitted out first.

It can get quite chilly later in the evening and a light coat or pullover is not a bad idea. A good pair of shoes a hat of any sort and of course a rucksack. What seasoned walker would dream of going anwhere without a rucksack. This one is to put the Amstel in or whatever beverage you may need between pitstops. Sitting in a Greek hedge drinking an ice cold Bacardi and coke, whisky and dry ginger or gin and tonic does have a bit of class about it. Sort of very British.

Taverna No 1 is Anna's. This is a little early for a stop but if you have already walked from the far end of Sidari you may be in need of sustenance. We often used this little family taverna when we stayed in Melitsa. Good value for those with families. Shortly on the right hand side you wil find Ioanna's Supermarket. One of your last chances to top up with fodder for the 'gruelling' journey ahead. Ioanna and her daughter run the shop now as Kostas is hiring motorbikes at the far end of Sidari. A really nice family.

Souvenir Shop . This is not on the map but I have a problem. I have known George for many years and I have been asked to include his emporium on the web site. Not actually by George but by another good friend. I am afraid that most of the family speaks very little English ( they are trying to learn it ) and this does cause some interesting moments in the shop. George looks similar to Peter Sellers which helps when it comes to defining which George we are talking of. Last chance to get a hat is right here. They don't sell wellingtons. Strange.

Taverna No 2 is Dorella's. This first walk is a long one, maybe 15 minutes from Melitsa. I have of course assumed you were pre tanked up and by now this taverna will be a welcome sight. If you were not then your rucksack supplies should still be almost unused. Dorella's is a nice little taverna, cool and inviting. Nice food. I think here a short break is called for. Little Johnny can now stop complaining and have something to keep him quiet. The children can too.

Back on the road again and the pace is warming up. 100 yards and it's pool time. Did I forget to mention swimming trunks - silly me.

Bar No 3 is called The Blue Sky. It's down the bottom of that alleyway you just passed. The Blue Sky Pool is run by Stamatis and his Irish wife Dianne. My friend Vasillis built the pool. Dianne is Irish and a good cook. Stamatis is not Irish, but a very nice chap all the same.

The last two watering holes were rather close together but who's counting. Either one will take good care of anyone dying of thirst.

Taverna No 4 is the Orchard. A new addition to the route. Rather nice inside and no doubt even nicer in 05. The childrens play area to one side the trees and the care with which this little taverna has been built make it a must for inclusion.

Bar No 5 is a supermarket. It's been tough going the last 15 to 20 minutes and any port in a storm will do. It's a nice new supermarket that devotes almost one complete wall to those in need of sustenance. They also do fresh fruit and ice cream, not together though. Come to think of it I have never asked. The bicycle must stay where it is please. No cheating. Looks like a comfortable saddle though which is very unusual in Greece

Taverna No 6 is Alexis. At this point in the update we are now into 2 hours of refreshment. I do however remember that the Alexis has a very nice English style bar and everything seemed very reasonable and the drinks up to scratch.
Steve likes the Alexis Bar and reckons the food and friendlyness are great. Try it and see.

Taverna No 7 Katarina swimming pool and restaurant is about another 15 minutes along our route. Never been in there. I'm sure though they will give you first aid and let you relax at the bar or in the swimming pool. I have seen a lot of Greek friends leaning on the woodwork so it must be OK.

Now comes the most gruelling part of the journey. About a kilometer with nothing but your courage and determination to win you through. If it was not for this next taverna ...................

Taverna No 8 belongs to Yianni. This is a cool Greek taverna not a tourists one. What's the difference you may ask? The price, the number of Greek people who use it and the amount of Ouzo that gets drunk. Also the display of 'interesting' vehicles that often adorn the local countyside.

If all else fails there is a shop in the village that does not pretend to be a supermarket. Well worth a visit, just like old England. 50 years here and 50 years before that almost next door. That's Spiros on the left by the way.

Taverna No 9 is Panorama Restaurant and the 7th Heaven Cafe. This picture was taken just after sunset. Early and late in the season you need to be there by 7.30pm. July and August just before 8pm.Perhaps by now, if you have walked, you are beginning to wonder what it all was all about. I recommend a Sunset Cocktail and watch the sunset over the islands from the cliffs. You may be lucky and see just why the long walk has been included on this web site.

2 hours at a very slow pace. It could be done in one hour, but not by me. The choice is yours now. Stagger home or have a taxi.

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